1. Scope of Work

With our fabrication and construction services, MERRITT has an in-house DESIGN and ENGINEERING team. We can assist in creating a clear, definitive Scope of Work if one isn’t provided. We provide cost estimating, and 3D scan services to determine existing conditions as well as retrofit and re-engineering services.

2. Proposal

We strive to give our customers fair, accurate and consistent price quotes on every project. With a tenacious attention to detail, along with our estimation software which reflects standard labor calculations, our quotes remain consistent and competitive.

3. Pre-Planning Phase

A scan done in the early stages of a project allows the design process to be accelerated because the scan provides a large amount of important information up front. Accordingly, everyone involved in the project is able to plan better, thus, having more precise and definite information at the pre-planning phase allowing for better planning throughout the whole project.

The 3D Laser Scanner provides us with detailed 3D point clouds that accurately document entire facilities and their assets. This data can be used for building retrofits and as-built documentation for CAD modeling, and other plant design tasks of work provided.