Merritt Piping and Fabrication, Inc.

They say you’re known by the company you keep…Merritt Piping and Fabrication Inc. has a proud history of working with some of the world's best companies providing in-house engineering, fabrication, and industrial piping services.

Merritt Piping and Fabrication started in 1995 with a handful of fitters and welders with a passion for providing affordable piping solutions for industrial plants in North Carolina, Virginia.

Our Vision

Our vision at Merritt Piping and Fabrication, Inc. is to assist our people, our customers, and their businesses in achieving their goals.

Our Values

Our people are our Future. We value and respect all individuals' rights and beliefs.

Getting Started

With our fabrication and construction services, MERRITT has an in-house DESIGN and ENGINEERING team. We can assist in creating a clear, definitive Scope of Work if one isn’t provided. We provide cost estimates and 3D scan services to determine existing conditions as well as retrofit and re-engineering services.

We strive to give our customers fair, accurate and consistent price quotes on every project.